Clearwater Beach Jet Ski Rental

Renting a jet ski can be a fun experience and also a costly one.  There are some important steps to make sure that your jet ski rental experience is fun and safe at the same time.

Jet Ski Rental Tips

  1. In the busy summer months, you may want to start looking to rent a jet ski before you go on vacation to make sure that your desired jet ski rental time and date is available for you and your party.
  2. Some jet ski rental companies charge a fee for taking the boaters test.  Only in certain cases, including age, is a test even required.  There should only be a State of Florida minimum fee for administering the test, don’t over pay.
  3. There is an age requirement for the jet ski operators, please inquire before booking.
  4. Bring your credit card so that you can leave a security deposit when you rent your jet ski.
  5. You will need to sign a contract.  Please read the contract carefully to ensure that you understand the liabilities that you and the renter have to one another.
  6. Make sure you understand the price per hour or per tour and how the company intends on charging late returns.
  7. Look at their equipment and inspect it yourself.
  8. Also look at the rental employees and think about their professionalism.
  9. Choose a professional when renting jet skis in Clearwater Beach Florida.
  10. Call us when renting in Clearwater, 727-373-6655.